Ty x Lexi Pups
These puppies were born on November 21, 2015
As of now, we o
nly have one of the girls
available yet, and she will be ready for her
new home
by Mid-January.  To reserve
a puppy,click on the puppy reservation form
below, or contact us for more information.
Watch our site for updated
pictures and more information.
Click here for our puppy reservation form

If you would like to reserve a puppy or be placed on our waiting list for a puppy in the future,  you can print our reservation form and send to    
us along with a $300 deposit. No puppies are reserved without a deposit.   

All our puppies are vet checked and up to date on all their vaccines and dewormings before they leave our place. However, as a new owner,      
you will be responsible for keeping up with vaccinations, dewormings, and any other health care after you recieve the puppy. We also give a
one year health guarantee and a two year guarantee for hip dysplasia.  

We also provide shipping for any of our puppies that need to travel a distance to reach their new owners. Shipping charges are
between $250 - $350, depending on size of puppy. This price includes the crate   for the puppy, ticket, and delivery to the airport. We
also do land deliveries within reasonable distance. Fees for land deliveries vary according to distance and time involved.

We will be available to all the new owners if there are any questions about the health or training of your new puppy, or if at anytime
in the future it becomes necessary to give up ownership of the dog, we would be available to either take the dog back again or help
you find another home for it.
Sunset Acres Kennel
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the Lord's name is to be praised."
 Psalms 113:3
Photo's of Puppies from past litters that we have had...
Chayce {Monty x Bella Litter, 2014}
Monty x Bella Puppies -2014 Litter
Parents: Ty & Lexi
Birthdate: November 21, 2015
Photo's taken 12/24/'15,
Note: Madison is no longer available
Parents: Ty & Lexi
Birthdate: November 21, 2015
Photo's taken 12/24/'15,
We sell our puppies on a "first come, first serve" basis, and the party who has placed a deposit on
one of the females is waiting to decide till the puppies are older which one they want, so, between Lilly
& Sophie, one of them is available, but we will not know yet for a few weeks which one.
Parents: Ty & Lexi
Birthdate: November 21, 2015
Photo's taken 12/24/'15,